Bold progressive strategies.

Bold progressive strategies.

We must learn from how others have succeeded and failed — especially when righting the injustices of the past — to inform new strategies to build a more equitable world.

Campaigning for structural change.

Campaigning for structural change.

In a rapidly changing world, opportunities for breakthroughs will emerge with little warning. Let’s get ready together.


Campaigns & Capacity

Campaigns should and can be a vehicle for long term power-building. Likewise, always thinking over the horizon without exercising campaigning muscles from time to time risks being irrelevant in the current struggles. Either/or is lazy. Both/and takes foresight.

Policy, Politics, & Power

Without engaging in power-building, policy demands are anemic and election victories are fleeting. But building power without a related electoral program or policy demands leaves you on the outside looking in when decisions are made.

Strategy & Fundraising

Successful organizations develop strategies that attract funds. Impactful funders pay attention to how their grants and contributions leverage structural, deep change. Mutual, respectful collaboration between the two is the goal.

About Of By For

David Donnelly, a 25 year+ veteran of leading progressive national and state organizations and campaigns, started Of By For to use his experience to further justice, equity, and structural change-seeking efforts. His background includes managing policy campaigns across multiple states, raising (and spending) seven-figure budgets, drafting national issue strategy plans, and advising and coaching both philanthropic and nonprofit executives. David excels at the intersections of strategy, communications, and fundraising; policy, politics, and power; and where short-term campaigns lead to building long term organizational capacity. […]

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